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Pretoria Abortion Clinics

We offer Quick and Safe abortion in Pretoria, For safe Abortion consider Dr.Dineo women clinic, It's important to seek the services of professionals with experience and who care about your health and well-being.

Our Medical team are professionals with years of experience,they provide you with pain free safe abortion,  Make appointment Or Oder Abortion Pills on 071 329 4346 or abortionsclinicpretoria@gmail.com

We use safe tested pills which is administered by our regestered medical professionals ensuring that your termination is quick and safe in Pretoria. .

We focus on giving women the help they need to be reproductively health throughout their lives, our main goal is the prevention of unwanted pregnancy and to afford women the right to have children by choice.

Abortion Clinic in Pretoria

Medical Abortion (Abortion by medical pill) is a simple and safe procedure. The earlier an abortion is carried out, the safer it is.

Quick Same Day Abortion Services

The quickest and simple methods to terminate a early pregnancy is by medical (pills) and Vacuum Asperation, No surgery,it takes only 40 minutes and No major complications,No risks for future ability to have children.

Abortion Clinic in Midrand

Pregnancy Termination in Pretoria

We provide personalized care for all our patients.We respect your right to privacy and confidentiality.All our services are same day we also provide supportive counseling that respects your choice.

Abortion Clinic in Midrand

Pretoria Abortion Clinics

Since 2000 the Dr Dineo Abortions Clinic has been the trusted leader in providing safe, compassionate and confidential abortion care. Our clinic is owned and staffed by Dr Dineo, M.D.,a Board certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist